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Flower Programs:

  All flowerbeds require a 1 year contract.
  All flowerbeds must have a border around flowerbed
  Members (or customers) have a choice to plant their own flowers, or pay the cemetery to do it. If the cemetery plants; there is minimal choice as to what flowers are planted.
  Flowers are planted by June 15
  Shrubs have a 1 year warranty;
  Trees have a 2 year warranty

Flower Beds

  Single lot Double lot
1 Yr. Contract $175 $200
(Includes top soil, flowers, watering, weeding and fall clean up.)
Surrounds $55 $75
Sheppard's Hook $25  
Hanging Basket $40  
Watering $80  
Shrubs (includes installation) $80  
Shrub Trimming $25 & up  
Shrub Removal $50 & up  
Flowerbed Removal $25  
Monument Wash $125  
Transfer Fee $200  
Tree Donation $500  
Rose Granite Bench $2,500  
Special Request $150  
(Before putting anything on a lot or plots, you must contact the office first.)
    Plus applicable tax
Make an appointment or call for quotes on monuments or flat markers.


  Summer Winter
Adult disinterment $4,000 $5,500
Cremation disinterment $700 $1,000
    Plus applicable tax